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In this new era, the now called Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), we need to be ready to thrive in it, not being left behind, to be change agents. Participate in it actively.

Conecta, Aprende, Evoluciona, Rápido

En esta nueva era, la ahora llamada Cuarta Revolución Industrial (4IR), necesitamos estar preparado para progresar en ella, para no ser dejados atrás,  para ser agentes del cambio. Participa en ella activamente.


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Forbes : La relevancia de la tecnología

Les comparto un artículo escrito para Forbes México ¿Cuál es la relevancia de la tecnología en el mercado de valores?

Beware: You are the target of criminals – How to avoid them.

Last week I described to you the nightmare that Jane lived when she became a victim of identity theft. (click here to see it) She was not only forced to give away her online accounts, both social and financial ones , but also got stalked and opened the doors to the criminal group to stalk …

Beware: You are the target of criminals – The beginning.

Jane was, as every morning enjoying her coffee, when she received a call from a close friend: -“Why are you doing this?!” – her friend yelled. – “What?” Jane asked surprised. – “Your email was disgusting!” – she screamed over the phone , and hung abruptly. Jane was surprised, she understood nothing. Decided to investigate …

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Este sitio es una comunidad de ideas, propuestas, motivación y cambio. Entendamos la nueva era, estemos preparados.

This a community of ideas, proposals, motivation  and change. Understand the new era, be prepared.